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Helping Gizmos was created to bring new products for individuals who have difficulty dressing themselves independently. The DA-1 is the first of many products that Helping Gizmos will offer to the public. As the inventor, over the past 10 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely in the nursing and rehabilitation fields. During this time, I’ve had firsthand experience with countless amounts of individuals, who suffer from many types of physical limitations. These limitations are due to a variety of reasons. With these experiences I’ve observed, analyzed, learned and created the DA-1.

The DA-1, is designed to assist the user in dressing and undressing their lower body, independently. During the dressing process the device will accommodate the user by limiting the amount of movement needed in the legs. No bending at the knees or hips is required. The device also allows the user to minimize the amount needed to raise their foot or feet off the floor or bed, in order to insert them over the waistline of the garment. Another feature is the extended arms of the device. They help the user stay within their range of motion in the arms, neck and back. The strong clips of the device will secure the garment firmly, keeping it from coming off or moving during the dressing process. In addition, the positioning of the clips, are designed to spread open the waistline of the garment. This gives an easier opening to the user when inserting the foot or feet into the garment. We have also made it easier for the user by adding extensions onto the clips to decrease the amount of pressure needed to open them. The DA-1 is developed to be used in a sitting or lying position. This feature will keep the user within their appropriate level of balance.

Our goal is to raise enough money to manufacture The DA-1 to an upgraded version with added features and keep it at an affordable cost. In addition, continue creating inventions that help people in need, keep their independence.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Helping Gizmos, we look forward to helping you.